Choosing a medical waste transporter doesn't have to be complicated

Simple Agreements

Straightforward terms and flexible service agreements. We believe that if you start doing business with us, you won't find any reason to leave.

All-Inclusive Price

You won't find any hidden fees in our invoices. No fuel surcharges. No record-keeping fees. No nuisance fees. Pay for the services provided.

Supplies Provided

We provide the red box liner bags, boxes, shipping tape, labeling and manifest. Your are only responsbile for packaging and labeling for pickup.

Personal Schedule

We provide a Personalized pickup schedule that is convenient and meets your needs. We do not upsell service frequencies.

Customer Service

There is always a live person to answer your call during regular business hours. We believe in quick and helpful service.

"As-Needed" Service

We cater to those that aren't regular generators of medical waste. We offer USPS-authorized mailbacks and one-time pickups.

Professional Drivers

We believe in professionalism. Our drivers are trained to present themselves in the manner you deserve.

Service Confirmation

We will confirm your pickup before it's scheduled. Need to cancel? No problem. And there's no charge to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my medical waste be picked up?

We come as often as you need us. In accordance with Pennsylvania state code, regulated medical or chemotherapeutic waste cannot be stored for longer than thirty (30) days from the date the box is closed. As a result, many offices have a monthly pickup.

Does your price include supplies?

Yes. We provide corrugated boxes, red bag box liner, labels, tape and a manifest.

Is there a contract?

Yes. We offer flexible schedules and agreement terms to meet your needs. One-size does not fit all and we will never up-sell you into an agreement that does not fit your office.

Does your price ever increase?

At times, we may have to increase our price due to circumstances. However, the agreement guarantees your price will not increase within your first year of business with us. After that, your company will be notified thirty days in advance of any increases in the price.

How long can I use a sharps container?

Sharps containers can be used until the "full line" at the top is reached.

Can I cancel this month's pickup?

Yes. You can always call ahead to cancel a pickup and you will not be charged.

Can sharps containers and waste share the same box?

Yes. As long as you can properly close the box, sharps containers and medical waste can be placed in the same box.

My box is not full. Can you still pick them up?

Yes. Boxes don't have to be filled to be picked up. We recommend a thirty day schedule to ensure all parties are following state law. You can read more here.

What businesses do you pick up from?

We pick up from long–term care facilities, funeral homes, medical and dental offices, veterinary offices, schools, dialysis centers, outpatient centers, ambulances, and more. Please contact us, and we’ll be able to tell you if we can pick up your medical waste.

Will my medical waste be destroyed legally?

Yes. Bio-Team Mobile follows Pennsylvania state code. You can rest assured that your company is safe and legal.

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OSHA Compliance Training

DOT Hazardous Material Packaging

Teaching you how to properly package hazardous materials that are ready to be shipped in compliance with the Department of Transportation regulations

Hazardous Communications

Training you to identify hazardous materials, read safety data sheets (SDS), and labels

Personal Protective Equipment

Showing you how to install and wear equipment that minimizes exposure to serious workplace injuries and illnesses

Bloodborne Pathogens

Instructing you how to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other infectious diseases that can cause disease in humans

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